Contestants in the Emida Day’s competitions placed in nine different races, and Candy Fuller and Wiley Reeves were the overall adult winners.

Other winners include Jake Reeves, Waylon Higgins and Wiley Reeves rounding out the top three places for men’s axe throw, and Candy Fuller winning the women’s axe throw division. Roger Fuller, TJ Short and Nick Fuller earned first, second and third place finishes, respectively for the men’s choker race, and Mary Orr won the top spot for the women’s choker race with Candy Fuller earning second.

In the men’s keg toss division, Wiley Reeves took first place with TJ Short and Adam Reeves rounding out the top three spots with second and third. Jessica Reeves and Jamye Reeves placed first and second, respectively in the women’s keg toss. Roger Fuller and Adam Reeves won first and second places in the bent nail competition, and Candy Fuller, Janina and Terrie Melton earned first, second and third fishiness for the women’s bent nail.

The top three finishes for the Jack n Jack crosscut included Adam Reeves and Wiley Reeves for first; Heath Fuller and Dave for second; and Rusty Reeves and TJ Short for third. Jill n Jill crosscut winners were Same Short and TeeOnna Short, earning first place; and Candy Fuller and Vanessa Needham placed second. The Jack n Jill crosscut finalists were TeeOnna Short and Wiley Reeves, first; Sam Short and TJ Short, second; and Adam Reeves and Janina, third.

There was a children’s competition that included several divisions. Overall winners included Logan Needham (6-12 year old) and Austin Reeves (13-17 year old).

The 6-12 year old choker race results are: first place, Logan Needham; second, Dakota Higgins; and third, Jayden Short. Thirteen to 17-year-old finalists included first, Carter Moore; second, Austin Reeves; and third, Kevin Reeves.

The 6-12 year old bent nail drive winners were first, Logan Needham; second, Harley Turner; and third, Dakota Higgins. The 13-17 year old winners of the bent nail drive were first, Ayla Higgins; and second, Kaitlynn Needham.

The 6-12 year old crosscut winners were first, Logan Needham and Kaitlynn Needham; second, Jayden Short and Lizzy Walden; and third, Blaine and Jr. Ascencio. The 13-17 year old crosscut winners were first, Austin Reeves and Kevin Reeves; second, Joseph and Joshua; and third, Dennis Fuller and Carter Moore.

The winners of the 13-17 year-old keg toss were first, Dennis Fuller; second, Austin Reeves; third, Kevin Reeves.

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