The Benewah County 4-H Program recognized Rodey Hill as the volunteer of the year at the annual awards night Oct. 6.

The award is given to an outstanding volunteer who is nominated by his or her peers. In the nomination letter, Mr. Hill was commended for the several hours he spends working with 4-Hers in the Dead Eye Archery Club. Not only did the letter note his dedication to 4-H youth but to his own family, all while working in the logging industry. 

The Dead Eye 4-H Archery Club started with eight kids shooting arrows at haybales. It has now grown to include 40 plus youth with a sufficient supply of 3-D targets. And though Mr. Hill was recognized at Sunday’s event, he was quick to point out that “it’s not a one man show.” He was quick to recognize Jen Steele, who does paperwork, and others who make the club function from those who have donated to parents. 

“Christine Ashmead was the one that kick-started this. She approached me as she knew I was into archery,” Mr. Hill said. “We started with $250, which the Kiwanis gave to us as a grant and we were shooting at hay bales.”

One of the things the nomination letter pointed out about Mr. Hill is his ability to interact with youth, which could be linked with the growth of the club. 

“I do it because I enjoy the kids and they need something positive in their life to do,” he said. “Archery is also something that could grow into a life skill and be used to feed a family.”

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