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Warren Erickson's accounting practice was purchased by Myron Hodgson. Though the practice sold many of the employees will still work at the office. Pictured left to right: Audrey Leas, Donna Hays, Susan Dittman and Myron Hodgson.

Local accountant, Warren N. Erickson, recently announced he has sold his practice, but he said that the office remains in good hands.

Myron J. Hodgson II (Jake), who worked with Mr. Erickson, purchased the practice and has already started making changes at the local office.

Mr. Hodgson grew up in Benewah County and spent his early years logging. He said that he is excited to be back in the community and that he gets to see it from a different angle.

He said that he plans to not change much in regards to how Mr. Erickson ran his practice, instead Mr. Hodgson plans to keep with the level of service his predecessor provided.

“I’ve been working for Warren since about 2014 in Spokane at our office there and we had a really good relationship,” Mr. Hodgson said. “Its a matter of continuing the services that he provided and making sure that the clients are being taking care of at a level they are used to.”

Mr. Hodgson has not only been working to fully take over the practice, but also he has been doing a complete remodel of the office. They also made changes to the office’s layout.

“It needed to be updated,” Mr. Hodgson said. “It looks much different than it did before. We even knocked down some walls to make more space.”

Mr. Erickson was not available for comment but he wrote in a press release that he still plans to work part-time under Mr. Hodgson.

“I will still be available for client work,” Mr. Erickson wrote. “The good news is that I will still be working for Jake (Mr. Hodgson) and providing services to you.”

Mr. Erickson wrote that the staff that his clients are used to working with will remain at Mr. Hodgson’s new practice.

“Most importantly, Donna Hays, CPA, will continue to serve the clients of St. Maries and maintain the same relationships that Donna has developed with clients. Also Audrey Leas will continue to work with the St. Maries clients and is currently in the process of taking the exam to be a Certified Public Accountant,” Mr. Erickson wrote. “Also, Susan Dittman, payroll, will continue working in the St. Maries office providing payroll services.”

“Because of the employees continued employment and that I will be working closely with Jake (Mr. Hodgeson) and his staff, this will ensure a smooth transition,” Mr. Erickson wrote.

For more information call Mr. Hodgson’s accounting practice at 208-245-6551.

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