Two foster parents accused of injury to a child are sentenced to probation after pleading guilty.

Aaron and Taylor Kolar pleaded guilty to the injury of a 3-year old girl who was hospitalized for hypothermia after being left unsupervised in a bathtub.

The couple were foster parents to the child at the time.

Mr. Kolar pleaded guilty to misdemeanor injury to a child, June 15, 2020, and was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation. According to the deputy report, Mr. Kolar was not home at the time of the incident.

Ms. Kolar told authorities that she verified the bath water was warm before leaving the child in the tub to go into another room and attend to their other children.

According to medical testimony included with court documents, the child suffered from life-threatening hypothermia exacerbated by delayed medical care.

“She became hypoxic, medical services were delayed, and she had to be resuscitated upon arriving at the medical center,” the report said.

The child was initially transported to Benewah Community Hospital by the foster parents, Aaron and Taylor Kolar. At BCH, the child had a body temperature of 78.5 degrees and required oxygen. She was transported by critical ground crew to Sacred Heart Medical Center. Upon arriving at the center her vital signs were returned to normal.

Sacred Heart Medical Center staff found a skull fracture and bruising on her right cheek, forehead, lower and middle back. Staff also determined that the child was at risk for refeeding syndrome, a potentially life-threatening condition associated with malnutrition.

Ms. Kolar’s defense, Brian Horrocks, described the incident as a lapse in judgment.

“Ms. Kolar has been a model citizen. She made a mistake – a lapse in judgment. She is not going to be someone the court is going to see again,” Mr. Horrocks said.

Ms. Kolar faced a potential 10-year prison sentence.

Judge Scott Wayman considered Ms. Kolar’s lack of criminal history and testimony in the form of letters submitted on her behalf.

“It was just a tragedy that took place here and it could have turned out much worse than it did. From that point of view the child involved was very lucky,” Judge Wayman said.

Ms. Kolar pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years supervised probation, 100-hours of community service and 90 days of discretionary jail time dependent on her successful completion of probation.

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