St. Maries Complex crew makes the grade

PotlatchDeltic Head Check Grader Richard Fuller holds the Hi-Q Award that was awarded to the mill for the consistency of production and operation of the mill's grade x machine. Also pictured is Lumber Superintendent Andy Craner (right) holding the message that the mill received informing the team of their success.

Employees at PotlatchDeltic were recently rewarded for their grade A efforts.

The mill was recognized by the Western Wood Product Association (WWPA) for its performance in the WWPA Hi-Q program.

The mills graders and checkers were recognized for their performance in 2019 where each month the mill received a grade percentage of 95 percent or better.

Over a 12 month period, inspectors would come to the mill and inspect the amount of footage of processed lumber the graders would produce as well as the consistent cleanliness and function of the machine.

PotlatchDeltic Lumber Superintendent Andy Craner said that he is proud of the crew that maintains the grader and that they put in a lot of hard work this last year.

“In 2015 we switched our manual graders to a grade x machine, so there are only three grade checkers who are responsible for cleaning, maintaining and calibrating the machine,” Mr. Craner said. “It’s very impressive and it takes a lot of work.”

Head Check Grader Richard Fuller said that it is a challenge for his team, but they are able to keep a consistent handle on their machine and the product it produces.

“We are always just trying to stay on top of it,” Mr. Fuller said.

Mr. Craner said that a lot of other mills have switched to grader machines and that there is a lot more upkeep involved with making sure to hit that 95 percent goal every month.

“A lot of companies have gone to these grade machines and you have to stay on it,” Mr. Craner said. “In order to get this award it has to go through the mill for the whole year.”

He said that he is proud of his fellow coworkers and their want to take the job seriously.

“We wouldn’t have gotten this award if these guys weren’t on this machine every day,” Mr. Craner said. “I’m just proud to work with guys that take the job this serious.”

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