The Harrison Old Time Picnic committee chooses a King and Queen to be the royalty for the annual event each year.

This year’s couple is the epitome of Harrison Old Timers. Tom and Sharon Lamb have lived in the Harrison Community all their lives. Their log cabin still sits nestled in the woods outside of Harrison and their lifestyle hasn’t changed much through the years. They still live off the land and use solar panels and a generator for their electricity. They didn’t have running water until they were married 18 years.

“You put in indoor plumbing and your wife won’t ever use the outhouse again.” Mr. Lamb said as he laughed.

Tom Lamb was born on July 25, 1949 to Bill and Eleanor Lamb of Harrison. He went to Harrison Elementary School.

“My favorite place in the Old Harrison Elementary School was the furnace room.” Said Mr. Lamb. “Thursday Wilson was the janitor and she let us visit her down there. The big iron door in the furnace room reminded me of a steam engine. I got to be the janitor one year and I took the sign off that said no students allowed.”

Mr. Lamb would supply the wood for the steam boiler when he got older. He was told that is was one of the last wood fired boilers in the northwest.

He was the valedictorian when he graduated from Kootenai High School in 1967.

Working as a logger was the primary career for Mr. Lamb but he worked for Bunker Hill for a season and built log homes and outbuildings as well.

He has had a love of music since he was five years old and Marian Jones used to bring him along with her to the granges in the area to entertain the grange members. When he got older, he would sing and play his guitar in the local bars. He was the Campfire Singer for Red Horse Mountain for over 20 years.  He was honored to play at the Expo ‘74 with Utah Phillips, a folk music singer.

“We were in charge of providing a program when we visited other granges.” Said Marian Jones. “I would ask Tom’s mother if I could steal him for the evening for the entertainment.”

Mr. Lamb met Sharon Watland in 1975 when they both worked in the SETA youth program. They cleaned up the Harrison Cemetery and painted the old hospital as some of the projects that the program offered the youth as paid employment.

They dated that spring and summer by fishing on the dike, huckleberry picking and driving around the mountains. 

Sharon Watland was born on June 10, 1956 in Spokane, Wash. to Gerald and Betty Renner. She was raised at Carlin Bay and attended Harrison Elementary School. She went to Kootenai High School and got her GED and attended NIC. She was interested in nursing. 

She worked seasonally for the Forest Service Nursery and then went to work for Potlatch. She retired from PotlatchDeltic in 2019.

Tom and Sharon were married on Aug. 24, 1975 at her parents home in Carlin Bay. Jack O’Neal officiated the ceremony. Their honeymoon was camping out at Freeze Out Pass and back packing to Buzzard’s Roost.

“We didn’t realize we would be kept up by logging trucks and their jake brakes going by our tent all night.” Said Mr. Lamb.

They had three boys; Josh Lamb in 1977, Joe Lamb in 1978, and Gabe Lamb in 1982. The family enjoyed going to livestock auctions in Coeur d’Alene as a place to socialize with others and also loved to go fishing as a family. They now have seven granddaughters and two great-grandsons to enjoy.

Sharon has always had a menagerie of animals according to Mr. Lamb. They continued to have a wide variety of animals on their homestead including horses, cows, goats and mules. The boys did 4-H and raised animals as their projects as well.

“Harrison Jack, the jack ass for the ‘Haul Ass to Harrison” car show belonged to our family.” Said Mr. Lamb. “My granddaughter, Courtney Lamb would ride it around town during the event.”

Mr. Lamb enjoys collecting and selling antique guns at local gun shows. He especially likes black powder guns that have histories to them.

The Royal Couple will be riding in the parade in a 1974 MG Roadster convertible they used to own.

“My son, Randy Hayes, purchased the Roadster in Moscow.” Said Arlene Cederblom of Harrison. “He later found out that it was originally owned by Tom and Sharon Lamb. He offered to let them use it for the parade and they were thrilled with the idea.”

Their coronation is Friday night, July 23 at the Harrison Grange. The evening will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck (the meat will be supplied, bring side dishes and desserts) followed by the coronation and live music by Harvey Stanley.

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