What do vintage style aprons and casserole dishes have in common?

According to the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Women’s Ministry, they are nostalgic items from the 50s, and they will be featured at their luncheon themed ‘Back to the 50s.’

It all started with handmade aprons, among other items, that women’s ministry president Ginny Gaines received from a St. Maries local.

“We had a women in town donate aprons and dresses that she had made,” Mrs. Gaines said. “We have an abundance of these things, and we wanted to do something with them.”

A lot of the items Mrs. Gaines received were replicas of vintage designs commonly seen in 1950’s culture.

The clothing items along with other vintage memorabilia will be auctioned off at the event, which will showcase some of the unique items and ideas from that time.

“The 50s were so iconic,” Ministry Outreach Coordinator Patti Wheeler said. “It paved the way for different styles of dress, ways to cook and conveniences for the family. I think it was a great era to grow up in.”

The luncheon will include famous foods from the 50s like different casseroles and classic desserts. The group will also have a photo booth where those who attend can have their picture taken in 50s attire.

The Women’s Ministry Secretary Jeanne Johnson said she looks forward to how the event will connect with people around the community.

“I look forward to the fun and camaraderie,” Mrs. Johnson said.

The group said that events like these help raise funds that support the ministries organized through the church. These ministries put together programs that support and lend aid to not only the community but also nationally.

“The fundraising we do for the women’s ministries reaches back out into our community,” Mrs. Wheeler said. “It doesn’t just go to the church, it’s so we can do work out in our community.”

The Lutheran Church hosts ministries that do a variety of outreach programs in the community. One being the Angel Ministry where members send out angel charms and prayers to those who need support during tragedies.

The group also makes blankets for those who receive chemotherapy, and the church hosts events that help feed the less fortunate in the community.

The group said their ministries and programs are growing and that fundraisers like the luncheon helps them continue to lend support.

“We need more support,” Mrs. Wheeler said. “As we grow in our ability to give more, the needs (for our ministry) also grows.”

The Back to the 50’s Luncheon will be on Saturday Sept 14th at 12 p.m.

Community members that would like to RSVP for the event are asked to call Debby Blake at 208-245-2336.

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