St. Maries residents may see more housing options pop-up soon.

Local man Chad Brown and developer Troy Lozano are working together to possibly bring more housing opportunities to the city of St. Maries.

The two presented the proposal for a 34 unit apartment complex at last night’s St. Maries City Council meeting. Though the meeting occurred after the Gazette Record went to press, details about the possible complex were provided.

The complex is slated to be built on the corner of Second Street and Jefferson Avenue. The lot is owned by Brown and the previous building that was there was demolished earlier this year.

“We have known each other for a couple of years since I began working in the St. Maries area,” Lozano said of his relationship with Brown. “The current proposal is for 34 units, but that is open for discussion. We know that St. Maries needs high-density housing to accommodate employees that local businesses need.”

Lozano said the plan is to have a complex that has a mix between two bedroom, one bedroom and studio apartments though larger units are not out of the question yet.

“We probably won’t include three bedroom units but that isn’t final,” Lozano said.

He said the apartments are planned to be built with quality and durability as main focuses. Though exact rental price estimates have yet to be announced, Lozano said it will be based off of the costs of labor and supplies for the project as well as any city fees that apply.

This is the first of several planned projects in St. Maries according to Lozano. 

He and his wife, Aubree Lozano, own a Seventh Street lot and are discussing the possibility of a building a four-plex.

“We need the city to work with us and others on finding solutions to make projects viable,” Lozano said.

A full report on the council’s response to the project proposal will be in next week’s issue.

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