Side-by-side rental business opens in St. Maries

Danny Hilde (left) and Kody Hart (right) stand in front of the sign for their new business Northwest Outdoor Rental Company (NORC). The co-owners plan to offer affordable and convenient side-by-side ATV rental packages to local residents and tourists.

A new recreational vehicle rental business in St. Maries wants to help locals and tourists to get more adventurous.

Danny Hilde and Kody Hart are the owners of the Northwest Outdoor Rental Company (NORC) and they want to offer affordable side-by-side ATV rides for area residents.

NORC currently offers four different ride packages including Cutthroat Resort Dinner, Avery overnight, Wallace overnight and Avery day trip rides.

Mr. Hart said that he used to run a similar business in Colorado and upon moving to the area received interest from Mr. Hilde to partner and open a similar business in St. Maries.

“We saw that this was a good opportunity and that there is a lot of potential,” Mr Hilde said. “Tourism is ever growing in St. Maries and the population of side-by-side enthusiast is growing too.”

The two want to make renting outdoor adventure vehicles as cost effective and convenient for customers as possible.

“Renting instead of owning tends to be cheaper for people,” Mr. Hart said. “There is less maintenance and you can just jump in and go. You don't have to trailer your vehicle anywhere.”

“Our packages are all inclusive,” Mr. Hart said. “It's one base price, and the gas, helmets, and insurance are all included. It's all covered by us.”

NORC will have a fleet of 10 side-by-side vehicles available to rent and the shop is an official Polaris adventures outfitter.

The group plans to offer local discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Those who mention the discount will receive a 30 percent discount on the Cutthroat Resort dinner ride.

You can catch NORC at the St. Joe Snow Riders Avery ride this Saturday June 20. Mr. Hilde said that they will be able to deliver side-by-sides to Avery to those who reserve a vehicle.

“We will do delivery to Avery that day and that way people don't have to transport or ride the vehicle all the way up there,” Mr. Hilde said. “All you have to do is reserve a vehicle online and meet us in Avery and then you will be set to go and ride.”

Reservations can be made by visiting the NORC website at

For more information call NORC at 208-606-3626.

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