The Benewah Community Hospital reported that it has had a five percent positive rate among coronavirus tests since March.

CEO Chuck Lloyd said that the hospital has administered close to 1,000 coronavirus tests since the pandemic first hit Idaho. He said that out of those 1,000 tests only 52 have been positive.

“With the 52 positive tests that brings our positive rates to about a five percent,” Mr. Lloyd said. “Of course we would like to have that be zero percent.”

He said that their lab team has been able to quickly get results which he thinks has prevented the spread in the community.

“Our lab staff is dedicated to getting it run in a timely matter to catch those cases,” Mr. Lloyd said. “We are very fortunate to have a rapid team.”

“We know what the test's results are usually within 48 hours,” Mr. Lloyd said.

Mr. Lloyd said that over the last few months the hospital has administered about 10 to 15 coronavirus tests a day. He said that those who seek to be tested are asked to call the hospital first.

From there the patient will be screened over the phone by a registered nurse before setting up an appointment.

“We like to check to see if the patient has any signs or symptoms that have been put out by the CDC before we have them come to the building,” Mr. Lloyd said.

The Gazette Record attempted to reach out to Marimn Health for information regarding their testing results but they did not comment in time for publication.

For more information or if you are feeling ill call the Benewah Community Hospital at 208-245-5551.

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