Plummer youth may get their fair share of government experience this next school year.

The city of Plummer recently approved the creation of a volunteer youth representative to city council.

The creation of the position comes after Mayor Bill Weems was inspired by another city who had utilized the same position to give community youngsters a front row seat to city government.

“I’m a member of the National League of Cities, Indigenous Elected Officials. In one of our meetings a city councilwoman from Nome, Alaska, if I remember correctly, gave a presentation on her community and the things they were doing up there,” Mayor Weems said. “They had implemented a youth council program and it was a smashing success, so I asked her if she would coach me on how they went about it. She did, I took it to our legal counsel and the high school, and then before the council.”

The council position will allow for a student at Lakeside Jr./Sr. High School to sit in on city meetings and be a part of discussions. The student will also receive the agenda packets for upcoming meetings as well.

However, the youth council member will not be able to vote on any matter requiring city council approval and will not attend executive sessions of city council.

There will also be an alternative student selected for the position who will serve in the absence of the primary youth council member.

“I just hope to see some interest and participation,” Mayor Weems said. “The school is interested and it would be a good thing to give those “civic” minded students a chance to experience some actual experience of what’s involved in local governance and issues residents face.”

Mayor Weems hopes that the experience will gear up local students to be able to face issues in their community as an adult, whether they return to Plummer or put down roots elsewhere.

“The youth of our communities are our future, right?” He said, “Even if they leave once they graduate from high school and/or college they might be more perceptive to issues and active in the communities they live in as adults.”

The term for the youth council member will be one year and the position can be terminated at any time by the city council.

The youth council member must make application through the Jr./Sr. High school principal, be elected by students of the school and be confirmed by the mayor and city council.

For more information contact city hall at 208-686-1641.

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