Harrison company lands bid for local docks

Harrison Dock Builders will replace the docks and pilings at Cherry Bend Boaters Park this spring.

Harrison Dock Builders (HDB) will be building the new docks at Cherry Bend Boaters Park.

The job was bid on by both (HDB) and North Idaho Maritime (NIM) with HDB taking the job with the lowest bid at $168,786. The new docks are slated to be completed by June 2020.

Benewah County was awarded a grant of $153,750 in June 2019 by the Idaho Waterways Improvement Fund for new docks at Cherry Bend Boaters Park.

“The project period end is requested to be finished by June 30 unless an extension is filed, but at this point that’s not to be expected,” Benewah County Clerk DeeDee Bramblett said. “The county commissioners said they would like to try and have the docks done by Memorial Day weekend.”

HDB was notified of winning the project bid on Oct. 3, and Ms. Bramblett said they should start the project anytime in the coming weeks.

“They plan to build the docks at the site through the winter,” Ms. Bramblett said.

Timber Plus, an economical development group in St. Maries, wrote the grant and after it was accepted, the project was put in the hands of Benewah County to come up with a timeline and hire a company to take on the project.

Timber Plus Executive Director Alex Barta said that much like the docks at Aqua Park, which were replaced last year, new docks at Cherry Bend has been a need for awhile now.

“The docks are old and the pilings are falling down,” Mr. Barta said. “It is a hazard, someone could get hurt.”

He also mentioned that a face-lift at the boater park could potentially encourage more tourists and community members to use the docks and the rest of the parks facilities.

“It is way underutilized,” Mr. Barta said. “ I was there this last Fourth of July and I only saw like two boats stopped at the docks. The docks are just raggedy and anything that will improve tourism or get people in the water is good.”

The Idaho Waterways Improvement Fund, established in 1963, awards up to $1.2 million in grants annually throughout the state. The grants are funded by state gas tax revenues and the grants can be applied for annually.

Mr. Barta said that he hopes that Timber Plus and the county can take on more projects more waterway projects in the future.

“If there is any way to improve anything through a state program or grant we want to take advantage,” Mr. Barta said.

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