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Pete and Lori Hill, the new owners of the Avery Store and Motel, stand in front of their new wood fired pizza oven. The two have been adding more services to the store and motel including their newest addition, TFP's Bar and Grill, slated to open by spring 2020 or earlier.

The new owners of the Avery Store and Motel have been making big changes since they took over in December of last year.

The Avery Store and Motel has gained a new look and new services and owners Lori and Pete Hill plan to do even more expanding. The business currently has four rooms for rent, a full service mercantile, and a gas station.

"We are currently working on adding a bar and restaurant," Mrs. Hill said. "We also just opened up a liquor store in the building at the beginning of November."

Mrs. Hill said that progress on the construction on the bar and restaurant has been going well and they hope to have it opened by the winter time.

"The timeline of completion depends on snow fall this winter," Mrs. Hill said. "œIf anything we want to at least have it open by spring."

When completed, the couple plans to name the bar and restaurant portion of the store TFP's, which is an acronym for a nickname given to Mr. Hill.

"It's an acronym for one my husband's nickname, but I'm afraid I can't tell you what it stands for, it's an inside joke," Mrs. Hill said. "For now we are just going to call it The Fire Pit."

The name is fitting as the bar will feature a fireplace so patrons can have a place to warm up and have a drink and warm meal during the winter months. Mrs. Hill said that she expects to see a lot of snowmobilers and hunters come through their facility.

She said that since taking over the store and motel business has been good and that the Avery community has been welcoming to her and her husband. Mrs. Hill said her goal is to help bring more attention to Avery.

"Running the store has been wonderful, people up here are excited and, they want to get Avery going again," Mrs. Hill said.

"It's such a beautiful area, but Avery has died down a bit," Mrs. Hill said. "We want to bring some fun and excitement to town."

Mrs. Hill said that she and her husband are native to the Idaho Panhandle. She said that Mr. Hill is originally from St. Maries and that she is from Bonners Ferry. She said that owning a restaurant and bar has always been a dream of hers.

"I always told my husband that I wanted to run a bar or restaurant someday, so instead he bought me a store, motel and gas station," Mrs. Hill said. "But I get to add on the bar and restaurant."

For more information contact the Avery Store and Motel at 208-245-4410.

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