A St. Maries man is in jail after admitting to an attack which sent another man to the emergency room.

Ejah Tretzen, 21, was arrested and charged with felony aggravated battery Feb. 5 for a brutal attack on Kyle Morris, 30.

Deputies were alerted to the attack Feb. 4 at 10:48 p.m. after Benewah Community Hospital reported a man in their emergency room who had been attacked by a baseball bat.

Deputy Rodney Dickenson II and Deputy Colton Wynn responded to the call, walking from the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office to the hospital on the same block. They did not go far before finding their first evidence of the crime in question.

“While walking to the hospital, Deputy Wynn and I found a small bat with blood on it laying in the hospital parking lot,” he said in his report. The bat was taken as evidence.

Inside, deputies found Mr. Morris laying on a hospital gurney, his head covered in blood and lacerations. He was speaking, but his words were severely slurred.

Deputies interviewed two people who came in with Mr. Morris, identified as Derek Barden and Chelsea Lea Eide. Both witnesses said they didn’t see the attack, but that it happened behind the bars located on Main Ave.

“Chelsea said Kyle kept saying ‘EJ did it,” Deputy Dickenson said. “Chelsea said Kyle and ‘EJ’ were fighting over an ex-girlfriend of Kyle’s.”

Due to his condition, deputies did not interview Mr. Morris directly.

Deputies located the scene of the fight, marked by a large pool of blood. Interviews with witnesses at the same bar that night led deputies to Ejah Tretzen. Deputy Dickensen learned Tretzen’s address and traveled to his home.

The deputy asked Tretzen about the fight, and Tretzen admitted to confronting Mr. Morris behind the bar. While he said he didn’t remember what words were exchanged, and did not mention the use of a bat in the assault, he admitted to confronting Mr. Morris behind the bar.

“Ejah said the next thing he remembered was him (Ejah) slamming Kyle’s head repeatedly on the ground,” the deputy’s report said. “Ejah said he panicked, thinking he had killed Kyle.”

Tretzen said Kyle soon regained consciousness and began yelling. He left the scene, along with a man he described as wearing a grey cap. Deputy Dickenson recalled from his previous interview that Mr. Barden was wearing such a cap in the hospital with Mr. Morris.

Deputy Dickenson placed Tretzen under arrest and transported him to the Benewah County Jail. He was charged with aggravated battery and held on a $25,000 bond.

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