Axel Furrow has no plans for turning out mercy on the curves of the racetrack this coming Father’s Day.

“Not if I can help it,” he said when asked if he’d let his father win at the Northwest Championship Tour, regional race, in Potlatch June 14 to June 16.

Isaiah Furrow, Axel’s father, said he’ll be happy to pull off a first win over Axel or watch his so go on to another victory.

“For me, any time I can finish in front of my kid is cause for celebration,” Mr. Furrow said, “but watching him do well or compete with the faster drivers is always a lot of fun. He has won a few club races and got podium finishes on a handful of races.”

Mr. Furrow and Axel, Emida area residents, regularly compete in battery-powered, radio control car races in Potlatch and Spokane and have even tested the one-tenth scale model cars on the St. Maries BMX course. RC competitors have met in regional matches throughout the country since the 1980s.

Axel recently took third place at the Dave M. Memorial race.

“He was pretty proud to come home with a trophy from that and he wasn’t far behind a finish for the short course,” Mr. Furrow said.

This Father’s Day weekend they will race, at the Palouse River RC track, in what is the third round of the championship tour.

“Typically, you’re just racing for fun,” Mr. Furrow said. “There is a little bit of poking fun and competition amongst friends.”

This Father’s Day the race is for more than bragging rights.

“We’re not only racing for trophies for Father’s Day weekend, but also for points for the summer regional races,” Mr. Furrow said.

The championship tour will be the biggest races they have competed in yet. Mr. Furrow said it is not unusual for a championship race to have 150 to 200 drivers and several hundred attendees.

“That’s part of why we’re doing the regional tour. We’re pushing ourselves to go up against tougher competition and every race we have to learn a new track,” Mr. Furrow said. “So, there is a lot more skill building and competition.”

The dirt tracks challenge drivers with tight turns and jumps to navigate their one-tenth or one-eighth scale vehicles over. Crashes are not uncommon.

“There is a lot of strategy, there’s multiple lines you can take to get through a set of corners or a set of a jumps and to be able to get around those without wrecking [competitors] or both of you can be tricky,”

Mr. Furrow said. “I’ve wrecked plenty of times and we carry a lot of spare parts for that reason.”

Axel and his dad have had at least one collision which Axel said was one purpose.

“I only t-boned him on purpose once,” Mr. Furrow said. “He’d finished and then lapped me, and I’d already been lapped.”

Turn marshals wait to upright flipped-over vehicles. And there are even pit-crews for nitro-fueled cars.

“He usually pulls over if I break down,” Axel said.

For both it is about having fun together more than anything else.

“I just get to interact with my dad and we both have a lot of fun,” Axel said.

“It’s good family-friendly kind of fun,” Mr. Furrow said. “And it’s a good way to get him outdoors and doing something active.”

Mr. Furrow encourages anyone interested to check out the Father’s Day weekend race.

The event, held at Scenic Six Park, Potlatch, ID, begins with practice and seed races Friday, June 14. Qualifier rounds are Saturday and the main event is Sunday, June 16.

There will be a novice race for anyone wanting to do more than spectate.

The park has spaces recreational vehicles and offers cabin rentals. Tailgating is welcome. Food and racing-related vendors will also be on site.

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