A brief high-speed chase ended with a St. Maries man’s arrest Sept. 3

According to police reports, Deputy Dustin Pulley had received word from dispatch the morning of Sept. 3 that a vehicle had been reported missing. The ownersaid her grandson Henry Sines had taken the vehicle. The woman could not say whether she had given her grandson the keys.

Benewah County deputies were told to watch for the vehicle throughout the day. It wasn’t until 9:47 p.m. that night, however, that Deputy pulley located the vehicle.

According to his report, he was stationed near Triple X Feed along State 3 in St. Maries, operating his speed radar, when he spotted the vehicle leaving St. Maries. He recognized the driver as Sines. Recognizing the vehicle, he began pursuit and activated his emergency lights.

Rather than stop, the vehicle accelerated as it turned onto Milwaukee Drive, reaching estimated speeds of 55-60 mph. The posted speed limit for the area is 35 mph, and the deputy noted that Sines passed several motorists and pedestrians on the road as he fled.

Sines turned onto Riverdale Drive, continuing to accelerate to approximately 70 mph. He stopped shortly afterward, however, as he attempted to hide from police in the driveway of a residence in the area.

It happened to be the residence of Sines’ grandmother, from whom he had taken the vehicle earlier in the day. Sines pulled into the property, and Deputy Pulley saw him turn off the vehicle’s lights and duck down in the driver’s seat. The deputy pulled in behind the vehicle and, with weapon drawn, ordered Sines to leave the vehicle. Sines complied.

Once arrested, Sines said he had fled from the deputy because “he was scared of him.” Deputy Pulley noted that the man appeared to be under the influence of drugs, and found drug paraphernalia and baggies of white powder in the vehicle.

Sines was given sobriety tests at the Benewah County Jail, but needed to have each test explained to him several times before he complied. He failed all tests, and told deputies several times that he would refuse a blood draw because he knew he had drugs in his system, and if tested they could lay additional charges on him.

Sines was charged with felony eluding a police officer and felony DUI. He is now in the Benewah County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

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