A city employee issued a ticket, by a Benewah County Sheriff’s deputy, for traveling through the construction zone on Second Street, St. Maries, was off duty.

St. Maries Public Works Director Mark Reynolds said city crew members are encouraged to pay attention to possible issues as they travel throughout the city.

“I talked to the employee and basically we had a big rain storm and because of the drop drains and the construction work some of them get inadvertently plugged up and we have had a couple people get flooded. So our employees are told to look at things when they go by,” Mr. Reynolds said.

A Benewah County Sheriff’s deputy was monitoring the Second Street construction zone because the BCSO received complaints that drivers were ignoring the road closed signs placed at each end of the zone.

“People are taking advantage of the construction crew allowing access to residents,” Benewah County Sheriff Dave Resser said.

In accordance with Idaho state law, residents who live within the zone are permitted to travel to and from their residence. Travel through the zone is not permitted.

Mr. Reynolds confirmed the employee was not on duty at the time.

“Our employee was not on duty but he lives up there and on the way down he wanted to make sure, in the middle of a downpour, that everything was flowing so that is why he went that direction. The road was closed, but being a city employee checking on drains he thought that would be alright,” Mr. Reynolds said.

According to Mr. Reynolds the employee intends to seek dismissal of the citation.

“The employee said he was going to try and get it dismissed,” Mr. Reynolds said. “I don’t know if he has done that at all.”

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