Longtime Santa resident Hari Heath announced that he will run for Idaho House Seat 5A.

Mr. Heath said that he will run on the Republican platform and said that his main stance is that he is an advocate to honor the guidelines set out in the Constitution.

“I’m a long time advocate for the Constitution and the reading and following of,” Mr. Heath said. “I think that politicians should be following it.”

Mr. Heath said that though he does oppose limited government he is not opposed to legislature that works for Idaho citizens.

“I’m all for positive legislation but for every new law we make we should find some to repeal so we can become less intrusive,” Mr. Heath said. “I’m definitely in favor of the limited government model.”

He said that another issue he would like to address if voted into office is how the state handles teacher salaries. He said that teachers do the hardest job at schools and that they should be compensated for their efforts.

He said that teachers who feel like they are paid what they deserve tend to perform better.

“Our schools need help,” Mr. Heath said. “Administration payrolls at schools have gone way up. Much of the money is going to admin, it's top down control.”

“There needs to be more liberty for teachers to do what teachers do best,” he continued. “More money should go to the actual teacher.”

This will be Mr. Heath’s second attempt to run for a House seat in Idaho. He last ran for the position in 2018 and was defeated by Bill Geosling. He said that he hopes this time he will be the one to win the 5A seat.

“I had thought about it for years before I first entered the race in 2018,” Mr. Heath said. “I’m excited about succeeding this time.”

Mr. Heath has been a resident of Santa for over 35 years and has been an active logger for about the same amount of time.

He said that he wants to work for those who are interested in sustaining their rural lifestyles and those who do not want too much government intrusion.

Mr. Heath will face fellow Republican Brandon Mitchell of Moscow in the primary. Lone Democrat, Dulce Kersting-Lark of Moscow, will also run for the 5A seat.

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