Lakeside 2020 Project

The Lakeside High School class of 2020 will take on a group senior project of unprecedented scale. The project, estimated to cost between $70,000 to $100,000, is expected to take one year and includes multiple infrastructure projects throughout the school.

Seen here are Ramiro Munoz (front left), Destiny Seago, Sakima Davison, Alicia O'Dell, Tenley Lambert (back left), Coordinator Christine Sorenson, Riley Callahan, Angelina Johnson, Jalen Holt, Devon Martinez, Glory Olson. Not pictured: Samantha Adrian, Tamara Anderson, Mariah Aripa, Ryan Cortez, Logan Cosby, Emma Daniels, Jasmine Flower, Vincent Gitto, Lazarus Iron Cloud, Me'a Johnson, Valdena Matt, Nicole Middleton, Gavin Rhea, Talon Twoteeth, Devin Whaley-Arroyo, and Emmitt White.

Lakeside High School class of 2020 will take on a group senior project, estimated to cost $70,000 to $100,000, over the next year.

The four-pronged project includes water fountain replacement, parking lot re-pavement, a landscaped courtyard and installing an LED reader board on a corner of E Street and State 95.

“They’re going hard core into donations. They are biting off a bigger chunk than I’ve ever seen at any school,” TOSA coach and senior project coordinator Christine Sorenson said.

Students are raising money for the projects through car washes, assisting with food sales during Plummer Days, car washes, tournaments, bake sales, requests for donations or sponsorships and selling car tickets.

An area auto dealer donates one car each year to be given away in a raffle. Students are selling raffle tickets for $10 each as part of their fundraising efforts. The car is a 2019 Volkswagen Jetta.

According to Ms. Sorenson students have raised approximately $5,000 and a donor provided $1,700 which will cover the cost of a new fountain.

Tickets may be purchased from any senior as well as at the school office during normal hours.

In addition to funds, students also need technical assistance with the projects.

Parts of the project will also require the students to seek approval from the Plummer City Council and cooperation from area businesses.

According to City Clerk Sara Allen the students will need to gain permission from the city to repave the alleyway behind the school.

Ms. Sorenson said they are in the process of petitioning the city as well as area businesses.

The LED board students hope to erect will require permission from the local highway district and at least one landowner on the corners of E Street and State 95.

Present occupants of those corners include a PJ’s Trailer lot, Dalco Construction and Supplies Inc. a USDA service center and an Echelon LLC Tanks facility which appears to be up for lease.

According to Ms. Sorenson they have not reached an agreement with any of the entities, as of this writing, but expect to have a definite answer by August 2019.

Students officially launched the project May 30, 2019 and expect to complete it by May 2020.

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