A Kootenai county minor reportedly missing out of St. Maries has been found safe.

A press release from the Spokane Police Department said that Lacey Jeffries, age 15, was found in Spokane. A Harrison resident, Lacey went missing out of St. Maries after going to meet with a local man.

According to notices posted by mother Lora Isaacson, a St. Maries resident, Lacey was last seen at 5:30 p.m. Oct. 17 in St. Maries. She was at a local church with her mother when she said she was on her way to meet Bradley Walters, age 20, a resident of St. Maries. After that time, Ms. Isaacson said she was unable to contact Lacey.

In her posting, Ms. Isaacson alleges Mr. Walters vacated his home on the same day. She also said the two did not have access to a vehicle, potentially limiting their mobility. However, tips from area residents later placed the two in in the Worley area, and Kootenai County deputies suspected the two got on a CityLink bus and rode to Coeur d’Alene.

Ms. Isaacson posted missing person reports on social media in an effort to find Lacey. At 1 a.m. Oct. 22, she updated her Facebook page saying that she had been found alone in Spokane. She has since been checked out by medical personnel and returned to her family.

“The Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all the citizens that sent us tips on her whereabouts that ultimately led to her being located,” a statement from the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office said.

The whereabouts of Mr. Walters are not currently known. He is being sought by the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office, and a nationwide extradition warrant has been issued for his arrest on kidnapping charges.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is advised to call the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office at 208-245-2555.

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