Challenge prompts donations

The Halvorsens led the effort to raise money for the Fernwood Fire Department which resulted in more than $5,000 being raised. They recently presented their check for $1,000 to Fernwood Fire Chief Mark McQueen. Pictured left to right: Beth Halvorsen, Mark McQueen and Rod Halvorsen.

One local couple led the way to raise money for the Fernwood Fire Department resulting in more than $5,000 raised for equipment.

Rod and Beth Halvorsen spearheaded the effort to raise money for the Fernwood Fire Department in October and ever since they pledged $1,000, other businesses and community members have jumped at the opportunity to help the local fire department.

“Within 24 hours Fernwood Mercantile wanted to donate, they were some of the first people to jump in and want to show their support,” Mrs. Halvorsen said.

Fire Chief Mark McQueen was humbled by the support the community showed after the Halvorsen’s first announced their fundraiser. He said that now he will be able to buy more lighting safety equipment than he had originally planned.

“I was only wanting to buy one but now I can buy three and then some,” Chief McQueen said. “I was surprised how much support came from town (St. Maries.)”

“All the people coming out and showing their gratitude is just great,” Chief McQueen said.

Mrs. Halvorsen said that this isn’t the first time Mr. Halvorsen and herself have put together fundraising efforts, and that each time,the community in Benewah County always comes through.

“It never stops amazing me when you ask this community, they give and give,” Mrs. Halvorsen said. “You think ‘no not this year’ – they still dig deep and come out and they love to give to those who give their fair share and are working hard.”

Mr. and Mrs. Halvorsen as well as Chief McQueen want to give thanks to those who donated to the Fernwood Fire Department.

Contributors include: John and Kelly Beauchman from the Fernwood Mercantile, PotlatchDeltic, Archie’s IGA, Eimers Insurance, Tri-Peaks, IDA Rowe Insurance, Benewah Motors, Amanda Grieser, Jay Truman, Roger Fair, Robert Wolff, Dick Imes, Helen Beckner, and Kathy Walters.

For more information on how you can support your local fire department, call the Fernwood Fire Station at 208-245-1901.

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