Fostering Idaho and the Department of Health and Welfare’s Oct 15 foster parent meeting was met with success.

Fostering Idaho Recruitment Coordinator Dannie Swanson said that four families attended.

Two out of the four families that attended are currently going through the application process.

“For the size of the community, we were very pleased with the turn-out,” Mrs. Swanson said. “We had two families show interest and grab the paperwork, the other two were on the fence, but it’s a good start.”

The success of the meeting prompted Fostering Idaho to schedule another meeting in spring.

“We are thinking about doing it twice a year now,” Mrs. Swanson said. “We want to keep our name out there.”

She said that Fostering Idaho wants to continue to have a presence in St. Maries with hopes of gaining more support over time. Mrs. Swanson said that they want to feature a float in this year’s Christmas in St. Maries parade.

“We just want to keep our name out there and continue to build momentum with the program,” Mrs. Swanson said.

Going to a meeting isn’t the only way to find out more about Fostering Idaho’s program and how to get involved.

Mrs. Swanson said that if anyone wants to meet one on one with her, and that person doesn’t want to wait for next community meeting, they can always get a hold of her.

The next meeting is scheduled for April 7, 2020 and it will be at the St. Maries Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

For information or to get an earlier start on the foster parent application process, call Mrs. Swanson at 208-446-3107.

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