The Bovill community plans to gather to benefit a teen battling brain cancer.

Tammi Hite was first diagnosed with high grade glioma when she was 12 years old and had undergone brain surgery to remove a baseball sized tumor. As she approaches her 14th birthday, Tammi is still undergoing chemotherapy but has been able to return to in-person schooling while on her journey to recovery.

Family friend Sheena Keller has started an effort to support the Hite family by hosting a spaghetti feed and auction at the Elk Saloon in Bovill. Keller had previously planned to do the fundraiser in September but it was postponed due to COVID.

Now she and the Bovill community is looking forward to supporting a family in need.

“My family owns the Elk Saloon in Bovill and we have done a number of benefits before that were successful,” Keller said. “We’ve come together a few times when families in the area have fallen on hard times.”

“When people need it, little towns like ours come together,” she added. “When I found out about Tammi I said ‘let me help.’”

Nick Hite, Tammi’s father, said the response from the community has been overwhelming and he is humbled by the effort to help his daughter.

“I was surprised to hear Sheena wanted to do a fundraiser,” Hite said. “Through this whole thing we’ve received support from multiple community members and it’s great places like Idaho where there are people who want to help out.”

He said his daughter is still trying to comprehend how many people want to support her and her family.

“She is overwhelmed with support and she’s doing her best as a 13 year old,” he said. “The journey so far is what you can expect, it’s been very tough and we are not out of the woods yet.”

“But I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter,” he added.

The benefit for Tammi will feature a live and silent auction, a spaghetti feed and live music. Proceeds from the event will go to the Hite family.

The benefit will be from 3 to 7 p.m., November 20.

For more information contact the Elk Saloon at 208-826-3557.

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