Rumors of an arrest being made during a fire at an apartment building in Emida were true, but unrelated to the cause of the fire.

A woman was arrested by a Benewah County Sheriff deputy for reckless driving and resisting an officer, June 6.

Renee Knie, 47, allegedly passed an emergency response vehicle en route to the Emida apartment fire and then impeded its ability to access the scene. According to the police report, St. Maries Fire Department Chief Larry Naccarato said that the driver of a silver Impala overtook him as he drove to the scene despite his lights and sirens being in use.

A deputy became involved when they witnessed Chief Naccarato signaling the driver of the silver Impala to move out of the way at a roadblock set up near the fire.

The deputy instructed Ms. Knie to pull over in front of the police vehicle and she complied. However, she attempted to continue toward the scene on foot and would not listen to the deputy’s instructions not to go nearer to the scene, according to the police report. The deputy then attempted to restrain Ms. Knie but she resisted. The deputy then placed Ms. Knie in an armbar over the hood of her vehicle and handcuffed her.

According to the police report, Ms. Knie said she was on her way to check on family members who lived in the apartment building. The deputy later contacted two residents who said they were not related to Ms. Knie but that they knew her to be dating a family member.

Ms. Knie was cited for reckless driving and resisting arrest before being released at the scene.

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