A rollback in the Governor’s Rebound Idaho plan to a modified stage 2 has some local residents concern over it’s necessity, and the impact the rollback will have on Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings this year .

Governor Brad Little rolled Idaho back into a modified stage two due to the rise of COVID-19 cases and the virus’s impact on Idaho’s healthcare system.

The rollback has put into place a protocol limiting Idahoans from gathering in groups of 10 or more people, which for some is not a possibility during the Holidays.

The Gazette Record asked its online readers to weigh in on what they think of the governor’s decision to rollback Idaho and how it will affect their Thanksgiving and Christmas Gatherings.

Ed Kennon wrote that the rollback will not stop him from going about his Thanksgiving and Christmas traditions as usual.

“Not going to change my routine at all,” Mr. Kennon said. “Thanksgiving and Christmas still going to happen. Little can lock himself in a closet.”

Local woman Samantha Dittman chimed in and agreed with Mr. Kennon’s decision to go about holiday celebrations as normal, saying that she prefers not to live in fear.

“Hard no. (I) will continue as always,” Ms. Dittman said. “Living in fear isn’t living at all.”

Kimberly Scheffelmaier Ryan commented her support for the Governor’s decision and noted that safety should be number one during the pandemic.

“Whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of ourselves, friends, family, and loved ones should be done,” Mrs. Ryan said. “The number of positive cases and deaths is on a continual up-rise and it’s up to everyone in this state and every other to do what they can to prevent the spread of this virus.”

“If that means limiting the number of people gathering, then so be it,” she continued. “It’s selfish to only think of ourselves at a time like this and to ignore the recommendations given to us to ensure our safety.”

Perry Loucks, agreed with Mrs. Ryan and noted that Idahoans should support the guidance coming from elected officials and to not be so negative.

“I support Governor Little. Once we elect them, we need to back them up,” Mr. Loucks said. “(There are) lots of negative Nellys on here. Please find something positive to contribute?”

Jerry Parmeley wrote that the Governor should have rolled Idaho back to stage 2 of the Rebounds plan a lot sooner.

“This is something he should have done a few months ago,” Mr. Parmeley said.

Others think that the Governor is crossing a line by limiting the number of people who can gather in homes. Daniel Battisti wrote that she thinks the whole issue with the pandemic repeats itself and that citizens shouldn’t be told what to do.

“I think its communist! Since when are people told what to do in their personal lives? How long will this go on? How will it ever end while everyone lives in fear? If numbers go down and it seems all is well, then things open and someone gets COVID then it all starts over again,” Ms. Battisti wrote. “This is ridiculous. Stop the madness!”

Victoria McQuade also agreed that the Idaho government is overreaching with its orders on how many people can gather in homes.

“If people want to get together in their homes they should be able to make that choice, not the government,” Ms. McQuade said.

Cyndi Cummings-Lyons wrote that the rollback means nothing if people are not required to wear masks.

“Stage 2 is a joke without a mask mandate,” Ms. Cummings-Lyons said.

Brad Roe wrote that the government needs to start paying his bills if they plan on telling him how many people can gather in his home.

“When I start getting a check from the governor to pay my mortgage, he can tell me how many people I can have in my home,” Mr. Roe wrote.

Kelsey Smith commented that she feels that no matter what the governor tries to do, most people will do whatever they want anyways.

“I don’t think it matters what Little does,” Ms. Smith said. “People are still going to do whatever they want to do no matter the consequences.”

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