Plummer Library Summer Reading

Plummer librarian Paulina Freeman (left), Vice President of the library board Debi Church and Friend of the Library co-president Carol Krenbuhl invite children to participate in the summer reading program. Registration closes June 6.

Plummer parents in search of summer activities for their children need look no further than the Plummer library.

Children five years of age and older can be registered for the summer reading program until June 6, at the library.

This year’s nationwide theme is “A Universe of Stories.”

“The first day we’re making galaxy slime. It’s glue and borax and water and they make in a bag and they can take it home,” said Plummer librarian Paulina Freeburg.

In addition to giving children something to do during the summer holiday it may help them prepare for next school year.

“Kids fall back during the summer and the reading program helps prevent that learning loss,” Ms. Freeburg said.

It may be a good way to encourage a reluctant reader as well.

“Once in a while we get a kid that says, ‘I didn’t really like to read but now I do’ and I love hearing that,” Ms. Freeburg said.

On the first day participants pick up reading logs, learn about how the program works, play games and get free books and snacks.

The program runs from June 13 through July 25.

Ms. Freeburg emphasized that children must be registered by June 6.

“The reason we need preregistration is to know how much we need for snacks and supplies,” Ms. Freeburg said.

Last year’s program had 28 children participate according to Ms. Freeburg.

“[Twenty-eight] is about all we can handle. We don’t have that many volunteers,” she said. “If anybody is interested in volunteering, we have friends of the library group and they meet the second Tuesday of every month and are always looking for new people.”

The library also offers a monthly book club for adults that meets the last Wednesday of every month.

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