A local band plans to boogie and benefit the St. Maries Community Action Center this weekend.

JamShack will perform this Saturday Nov. 9 at the Eagles Lodge, and the band wanted to have an opportunity for area residents to be able to come dance at a nice venue and give back to the community.

JamShack will be charging $10 at the door with 10 percent of the profits going to the Community Action Center.

“Supporting the community action center now is good timing because they are heading into their busy season,” Perry Loucks AKA PJ Destiny said. “It's important to show organizations our support, I've been hungry before, I've been there.”

Mr. Loucks said that part of his inspiration to put on a dance was the old “Take Me Back in Time” shows that he and his fellow musicians used to put on. He said that it has been almost nine years since the last time they organized a show of that magnitude.

He said that the memory of a fellow musician was another inspiration for making the dance about supporting the community.

“Minnie Epler was a great musician, and she had a passion to help the community,” Mr. Loucks said. “We wanted to marry the idea of music and helping the community in her memory.”

He stressed that this time that JamShack plays it won't be a show, but instead it will be a dance.

“People still talk about the old shows we used to do, and people miss the opportunities to get out and dance,” Mr. Loucks said. “People still miss things like the street dance and the old community dances that used to happen in St. Maries.”

Mr. Loucks wants to bring community engagement back all while showing support for the Community Action Center heading into the Christmas season.

He said that those who attend the show can also bring items to donate.

“We encourage people to bring non perishable items to donate to the food bank,” Mr. Loucks said. “You can bring down cases of food, just a few cans, or even some cash to donate. Anything helps.”

Mr. Loucks plays in JackShack with his son, Jimi Rockin, and friend Joe Welk. The three have been consistently playing shows around Benewah and Kootenai County for close to six years. Mr. Loucks said that he looks forward to performing in their hometown.

“We hope that this shows how successful a band can be here,” Mr. Loucks said. “We want to open the doors for other bands to able to set up things at places like the Eagles in the future.”

The doors for the event will open at 7:30 p.m with the dance starting at 8 p.m and ending at midnight.

You can check out JamShack's music at jamshackbandidaho.com. For more information contact the Eagles lodge at 208-245-2912.

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