License office closed until Oct. 13

The Benewah County auto license office is closed until October 13. It was closed to allow the state to update the software and to allow for training.

The Benewah County Licensing Office will see changes this month as the department undergoes new software training.

Starting this month the Idaho’s registration and titling system will operate on an upgraded computer system.

The upgrade will cause the local DMV to be closed from October 5 to October 13, as staff trains on the new system. The department will also be closed Tuesday, October 20 and 27.

The office will also have temporary hours starting October 14, as the department will reduce business hours to 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Benewah County Assessor, Donna Spier, said that the department is working to make sure things go smooth for their patrons.

“We just ask that people are patient with us,” Ms. Spier said. “This system will be completely different than what we are used to operating on so it may take us awhile before things are smooth and fast again.”

According to a press release issued by the DMV offices in Boise, this is the third phase of the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicle’s modernization project. DMV departments throughout Idaho are moving from a 1980s mainframe to an updated GEM system.

“The new system will be a bit more complicated and will take awhile to learn,” Ms. Spier said. “The program will have everyone’s information into one system so we will have to alternate between more ‘tabs’ than we had before.”

Ms. Spier said that residents can avoid lines or delays by utilizing their online and dropbox options.

“I suggest if you have registration renewals that you try and do them trough the mail or online,” Ms. Spier said. “We are usually able to process those things pretty fast and have them mailed out in a couple of days.”

For more information on the changes contact the Benewah County Assessors office at 208-245-2821 or go online at

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