Benewah County Undersheriff Tony J. Eells is asking voters for a promotion this election year.

Mr. Eells, a resident of Benewah County since 1987, is passionate about law enforcement and serving the community where he has lived his entire adult life.

He graduated from St. Maries High School in 1993, raised a family here, and served as a Department of Lands firefighter and as a reserve police officer for both the St. Maries and Plummer police departments.

Mr. Eells has 16 years of experience working for the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office. He has spent the last eight years as patrol supervisor and the last six years as undersheriff.

As undersheriff, Mr. Eells has worked closely with current Sheriff David Resser to combat drug use and improve patrols, priorities he will continue working on as sheriff.

“I want to continue the work Sheriff Resser and myself have been doing the last six years,” Mr. Eells said. “We know there is an issue with drugs in the county. We got two canines and we want to continue working with them. We are working on communication and improving officer safety and we do need a new jail – it is 96 years old. Of course that is up to the county commissioners and the taxpayers.”

In addition to its age, the current jail holds approximately 18 inmates and does not meet the legal requirement that it provide outdoor access to the inmate population.

Mr. Eells said continuing to improve coverage is a priority as well. He is currently working on securing all-wheel drive vehicles for deputies.

“We want to improve the department’s ability to respond to community members in more rural areas and in all weather conditions,” Mr. Eells said.

He also wants voters to know that he is a supporter of the Second Amendment and that as sheriff he will continue to uphold both the United States and Idaho constitutions.

Above all he wants residents to know that he is grateful for the opportunity to work with the Benewah County Sheriff Office and looks forward to continuing.

“Your vote would be greatly appreciated on May 12, for the primary elections and again in November for the general election,” he said.

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