Organizers of the local 4-H program have teamed up with the Milling Center to bring creative lessons to a new set of students.

University of Idaho Extension Educator, Gail Silkwood, said that organizers with 4-H plan to bring weekly projects each Friday to the Milling Center’s after school program.

The weekly art projects are aimed to get children to be hands-on with art and give them exposure to 4-H.

“4-H across the state of Idaho is creating a new program 4H Create Art Now and we are hoping to launch nationally, so we have to pilot it to make sure that the lessons are working,” Ms. Silkwood said. “Lessons are already packaged, I just need to provide feedback to the state 4-H office to see what worked and what didn’t. ”

Last week the after school students worked with simple pencil drawings using pieces of popcorn and learned about scaling. This week Ms. Silkwood said that they will get more hands on and create Valentine’s Day cards.

Throughout the month Ms. Silkwood said that she hopes to move on to more artistic lessons. One of the ones she said she thinks the after school club will like is sculpting with clay.

Ms. Silkwood said that the program is a form of outreach to those in the community who may not yet be involved in 4-H and that she wants people to know that the club is about more than just raising livestock.

“One of the things I want the community to understand is that 4-H is not just the fair,” Ms. Silkwood said. “We have a lot of different delivery methods and programs that we can offer. So I wanted to outreach through the Milling Center.”

The program runs alongside the club’s new Explore 4-H program which is geared towards already existing 4-H members ages eight to 18. She said that those students get weekly project kits and that they meet via Zoom calls to talk about the projects.

“With the loosening of restrictions for COVID-19 we are hoping to have some in-person meetings soon,” Ms. Silkwood said.

She said that if the after school club at the Milling Center continues on with the Friday programs into next month, those students along with the Explore 4-H students will work on project involving engineering.

For more information on 4-H call 208-245-2422 or for more info on the after school program call the Milling Center at 208-245-3770.

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