Various matters related to property were discussed at the St. Maries council meeting Monday, June 24.

One item that City Attorney Mariah Dunham brought forward a proposal from the city’s planning and zoning commission as to when a survey should be required.

Currently, the only time a survey is required is when a boundary structure, such as a fence, is put into place. However, in the past it has been suggested a survey should be required in matters of lot line adjustments, street vacations and when construction, improvement or alteration of a building may occur.

“This is not something for action tonight,” Ms. Dunham said, “but for you to start discussing and asking questions.”

Ms. Dunham said many times property owners assume they know where their property lines are and are often incorrect.

For example, on the agenda was a request from Jay Lange, at 549 East Meadowhurst Road, for an encroachment permit.

Mr. Lange surveyed his property in order to put up a fence and learned that a part of his shop actually sits on acreage owned by the city. The shop was built in the 1970s by the former owner.

The council agreed to move forward with the process for a special exemption permit rather than have Mr. Lange remove his shop.

Councilman Randy Saunders said as the city addresses the issue of when surveys should be required he wanted to be as less restrictive as possible. Ms. Dunham said the council needs to find a balance.

One final property item approved by the council was a setback variance to allow Bruce Sherman to build a shop on his lot at 220 South 3rd Street. It will allow him to build a shop on his property and put it closer to the lot line.

In other business, the council approved appointment of a new medical director for St. Maries Ambulance as Dr. Rick Thurston retired.

Dr. Cooper Wester was selected, said office manager Kristin Compton, and the ambulance service is happy to have him on board. Dr. Wester is a Harrison resident and has worked at Benewah Community Hospital since 2017. He did his residency at the University of Wyoming.

Two new part-time employees were also hired to help in the office at the St. Maries Ambulance: Amber Warren and Mollie Cochran.

Amendments were made to the new dog ordinance to state a dog is also a nuisance if it causes injury or endangers the safety of a person or other domestic animal. There are some exceptions outlined in the ordinance. A copy can be viewed at St. Maries City Hall.

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