The Red Barn Thrift Store will remain closed until further notice.

The closure went into effect Nov. 16 after an employee tested positive for Covid-19. It is unknown if the employee was exposed at the store or elsewhere.

The Red Barn Thrift Store, which is a primary source of income for Hope’s Haven Animal Shelter, took precautions to limit the spread of the virus early on.

“Last spring, we limited the customer occupancy in the store to no more than eight people to maintain social distancing and requested all customers wear a mask to protect themselves, other customers and staff,” Jim Shubert said. “Most customers are happy to comply with our request and policy and it is not an issue with them. But we have had people in the store that stated it is a violation of their rights requiring them to wear a mask, and they argue with the staff over the issue.”

Mr. Shubert said when the store reopens the policy of wearing a mask will not be up for discussion. Social distancing guidelines will also be in place.

“The Red Barn is the primary source of income for Hope’s Haven Animal Shelter.  With the store closed there is no sustainable income for the shelter.  Our average operational cost of the shelter is $97,000.00 per year,” Mr. Shubert said. “We ask those folks to respect our mask policy so we can remain open.  It is not about our rights; it’s about keeping the animal shelter open and taking care of the animals.”

Mr. Shubert said in order to protect the community, staff and the volunteers, the Red Barn is closed until store personnel have tested negative.

“We thank and appreciate the community for their continued and generous support of the Red Barn and Hope’s Haven Animal Shelter,” Mr. Shubert said.

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