Last month an outbreak of coronavirus in the St. Maries community left some businesses with no choice but to close their doors. Now at least two of those businesses have reopened with changes.

On July 22, local drive-through coffee stand Shift and Grind had to close it’s doors due to one of their employees testing positive for coronavirus.

The shop had been closed for two weeks and all other employees had to be tested for the virus. All test results at the local business came back negative and Shift and Grind was able to resume operations at the beginning of August.

Owner Alissa Michael said that so far business has returned to normal and that they are seeing the same influx of customers coming through the stand.

She also said that her employee who tested positive for coronavirus has recovered.

“The employee who tested positive has completely recovered,” Ms. Michael said. “She was only physically ill for a couple days. Business is back to normal, as far as customers.”

She said that along with the normal protocols employees have been taking during the pandemic, the shop is now requiring its employees to wear a mask while on shift.

Shift and Grind isn’t the only business in town to start mandating its employees to wear masks.

The Grapple recently started to require its employees to wear a mask to work after owner Erica Morales was in contact with someone who tested positive for coronavirus.

While Ms. Morales waited for her test results, the Grapple closed down for over a week for deep cleaning.

Ms. Morales said that luckily her results came back negative and that none of her employees have tested positive for the virus. She said that implementing the mask rule is just an extra step to ensure that her employees stay safe.

“We already had pretty strict day-to-day cleaning protocols,” Ms. Morales said. “We’ve been able to bring everyone back and they feel safe.”

Ms. Morales said that the restaurant did take a hit for missing 10 days worth of income but she said that the community has been supportive.

“I feel like everything is back to normal,” Ms. Morales said. “We did get some extra support from our patrons this last week since we were closed.”

The Milling Center and One Shot Charlies in Harrison also closed temporarily due to coronavirus, but both businesses did not respond in time for comment.

As of the time of this writing, no other business in the area have reported employees or patrons testing positive for coronavirus resulting in a shutdown.

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