Multiple races will be decided this November and the Benewah County Auditor’s office says there are a few deadlines voters should be aware of this month.

Lynn Ragan, County Elections Clerk, reported that voters who wish to pre-register for November’s election will need to do so by October 8. Voters who miss the deadline though will still be able to register and vote on the day of the election. Those who have moved since the last election will need to re-register as well.

“Voters can still do a day of registration with a physical ID and proof of address,” Ragan said. “That can be done at a voting place.”

Ragan also said those who have already requested mail out ballots will start to see those after October 4. For those who request mail out ballots after October 4, the Auditor’s office will process those requests as they receive them.

Starting October 6 (today), voters can visit the Auditor’s Office to vote early in-person.

Some more deadlines include October 22, which is the last day a voter can request a mail out absentee ballot and October 29 which is the final day for in-person absentee voting.

Ragan said voting will be different for two precincts this election as those voting areas have a low amount of eligible voters. Instead, the Auditor’s Office had put in a modification to procedure and to have those precincts vote by mail in this election only.

The precincts affected are the Benewah precinct, which has eight eligible voters for the School Trustee Zone 1 race and the Tensed precinct which has 35 voters eligible for the Gateway Fire District Commissioner’s race.

“This year we have requested a modification of procedure for a few precincts in the county because they have so few voters for the district up for election,” Ragan said. “It didn’t make sense to staff an entire election board for these two precincts.”

Voters in those precincts will start to receive their ballots in the mail between October 11 and 19.

Not all registered voters in the county will be able to participate in this year’s elections. Ragan said those who want to vote in the St. Maries City Council race must live in St. Maries and the same goes for the Plummer City Council Race.

Many trustee zones and fire districts also had candidates that ran uncontested and automatically won, which makes it to where voters in those zones have nothing to vote on.

“There were several new registered voters wanting to get registered for November, but once we figured out where they live we had to tell them there’s nothing they can vote on,” Ragan said. “At least they are registered so they will be able to participate in the next election.”

Voters who want to make requests for absentee ballots or register to vote online can do so through October 8 by visiting

Multiple races are set for election day November 2.

City of St. Maries Mayor, Tom Carver, is up for re-election and is running unchallenged.

Three St. Maries City Council seats are up for re-election between Steven Dorendorf, Margie Gannon, Sabrina Powell, Tyler Morris, Michael Richardson and Doug Ryan.

The city of Plummer has two city council seats up for election with Chris Dohrman, Jackie Noice, Erik Scott, Robert Spaulding and Shawna Lynn Wunderlich running for the positions.

The Gateway Fire Protection District has two running for Subdistrict 2 including Thomas Grundin and Scott G. Steele. Rod Willard is running unchallenged for Subdistrict 3.

Beth Halvorsen is challenging Pete Dirlam for SD41 Trustee Zone 1.

There is a three way race for Kootenai School District Trustee Zone 4 between Vicki Haney, Ellie Getchius and Tina McGann.

For more information contact the Benewah County Auditor’s Office at 208-245-3212.

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