St. Joe Valley Dental will give one lucky adult a new smile for Christmas.

The dental office plans to gift $2000 worth of dental work to the winner of a November event. Residents are entered when they are nomination.

The dental office's head cosmetic dentist, Dr. Andrew Larson, said that he and his team wanted to do something special for the community this Christmas.

“Our main thing was we were wanting to figure out how to give back to the community and the best way to do it,” Dr. Larson said. “We talked about what about different options like doing a food drive or something similar.”

Dr. Larson said that landing on the idea to give dental care to one lucky winner was a perfect way him and his team to give back.

“We just figured one thing that the town could use based off our experience is that a lot of people in town are in need of dental care,” Mr. Larson said. “A lot of people don't get the dental care they need because it is expensive.”

He also added that the process in which people get entered into the drawing adds to the sense of thought and care that the Christmas season calls for.

“We like the idea of having to nominate someone so it gets people thinking about other people and being able to give to that person,” Dr. Larson said. “We just wanted to give that opportunity to the community.”

In order to be entered into the drawing, a resident must be nominated by another person. The person that would like to nominate needs to stop by St. Joe Valley Dental's office and speak with one of employees at the check-in counter. Dr. Larson said that when nominating a friend or family member to be sure to include why you think that person should be chosen.

“We want to maximize the benefit and with $2000 worth of care, we want to get the winner as much dental care as we can with that amount,” Dr. Larson said. ““I'm sure the story will have a lot to do with it, we want it to got to the person it will best serve.”

Dr. Larson said that the winner will have the $2000 in funds available on their account to use for when its convenient for them.

“It's not something that will expire at the end of the year if not used right away,” Dr. Larson said.

Those who wish to nominate an adult friend or family member can visit St. Joe Valley Dental's office at 1722 Main Avenue. The winner of the raffle will be announced on Nov. 30.

For more information call the St. Joe Valley Dental office at 208-245-2242.

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