Paul Bunyan Days has been axed this year due to concerns around the coronavirus pandemic, but PBD Committee Chairman, Dale Hill, says that so far he has received positive responses to the cancellation.

“I’ve had more positive feedback than negative from the community,” Mr. Hill said. “It is something we are going to have to just get used to.”

This will be the first time in Paul Bunyan Days 51 year history that the event will be canceled.

The PBD Committee decided to cancel the annual event due health concerns as the annual event attracts people from all over Idaho and neighboring states.

The PBD Committee also said that a lack volunteers played a large part in their decision to cancel. Mr. Hill said that going forward could have left the committee broke.

“I agree with the board’s decision,” Mr. Hill said. “They were uncomfortable mainly due to the lack of volunteers.”

“The problem is we could put Paul Bunyan Days on and go broke,” Mr. Hill said. “And then when no one shows up, we would really go broke.”

Mr. Hill said that they plan to roll this year’s budget over into next years and that the committee doesn’t plan to change a thing about Paul Bunyan Days.

He said whether or not they have the event next year is dependent on the status of the virus going into the end of the year and the beginning of next.

“The board will meet again in January we will go from there,” Mr. Hill said. “If this thing is still around there is no use beating ourselves over our head.”

Mr. Hill said that in his 45 years of being involved in Paul Bunyan Days he never thought that these kinds of circumstances would put Paul Bunyan Days on hold.

“I would have never thought something like this would happen,” Mr. Hill said.

Mr. Hill did say that the committee was able to pay out some of its scholarships to local students. There was around $2,000 in scholarships awarded to four local students and the Distinguished Young Women program.

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