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Chris Holt, the new area executive director for the Farm Service Agency, stands in front of his offices in Plummer.

The Farm Service Agency in Plummer has a new executive director.

Chris Holt has been selected as the new executive director at the local FSA offices. Originally from Worley, Mr. Holt said that he is happy to be back in the area and on his family’s farm.

“I grew up in the Worley area and went to high school there before it was consolidated,” Mr. Holt said. “My family farm is in the Worley-Fairfield area, and that was a big draw to come back as well.”

Mr. Holt started at the Plummer office in December and has been working in the agency since 1989. He previously worked in Ritzville Washington.

“I worked at the ASCS office at the beginning which that agency was the precursor to the FSA,” Mr. Holt said. “It was sort of my training spot.”

Mr. Holt will be taking on the role of administrating USDA farm programs. He said some of the programs include the conservation reserve program, and production support programs that have historically supported growers who grow base commodities such as wheat and barley in the region.

“There are a number of programs that Congress does to support growers in the region,” Mr. Holt said. “We also have a lot of more smaller and more targeted programs for growers in the area as well.”

For more information contact the FSA offices at 208-987-4012.

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