Lutheran Thanksgiving Dinner Returns

St. Paul's Lutheran Church member, Mary Davidson, poses with some of the materials she will be using to prepare the annual Thanksgiving day feast.

Fellowship and good food is what’s on the menu this Thanksgiving.

The St. Paul’s Lutheran Church invites the community to its fourth annual Thanksgiving day dinner.

Pastoral administration assistant Mary Davidson said that the feast gives the church an opportunity to offer a place for people who don’t have regular Thanksgiving plans to go and have a turkey dinner. She said that she has seen people from all different walks of life come enjoy fellowship and a full, home cooked Thanksgiving meal.

Ms. Davidson said that when she and her family moved to St. Maries they found themselves in a situation where they didn’t have family or friends nearby to celebrate Thanksgiving with. She said that she wants to give people who are in the same position an opportunity to be around friends during the holiday.

“We wanted to reach those like us who didn’t have family near by, or were down and out and struggling to put food on the table,” Ms. Davidson said. “Thanksgiving can be stressful when you have to worry about those things.”

She also said that a lot of organizations will usually do a Thanksgiving event around the holiday but not actually on the day of. Ms. Davidson said that her and the rest of the church congregation wanted to give community members the opportunity to make a new tradition on Thanksgiving.

“We wanted to make other members of the community feel welcomed and not alone,” Ms. Davidson said. “The Lutheran church has been amazing to support that because that is what we are all about the other 364 days a year we are here.”

Ms. Davidson said that she and her mother will be doing most of the prep and cooking. She said that volunteers are welcome to come help on the day before while they do prep work, or on the day of Thanksgiving when they need help with serving.

She said there will be plenty of food for everyone and that in the past they’ve even had enough left overs for people to take home. She said that community members will donate pies and other desserts for the feast. She also mentioned that there will be a children’s area with activities.

The church can accommodate over 50 people comfortably for the feast and in the past they haven’t had to turn anyone away. She did mention that it is important that those who wish to attend the feast must RSVP because there is limited seating.

To RSVP or for more information call the Lutheran church at 208-245-5420.

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