Living Hope Adventist Church celebrated its first Sabbath in its new building, a project that has been anticipated to be completed since 2011.

Pastor Andrew Abbott said the new church in Plummer is beautiful, and that the church’s congregation is proud of the project.

He said that when the church had its first Sabbath in the building in November, most of the congregation couldn’t believe the project was finally done.

“The first Sabbath was a huge celebration,” Pastor Abbott said. “I was giddy in my heart, and I couldn’t imagine what it was like for the congregation members who had been going there since before the start of the project. When we finally got to have Sabbath in the new building we were in a daze, it was surreal to finally worship in that building. We were all coming to grips that it was real, our congregation was cognitive of our responsibility.”

Pastor Abbott joined the congregation in 2018 and he said that the project was already close to being finished by the time he joined the church. He said that Craig Houston had spearheaded the project in 2011.

Pastor Abbott said that Mr. Houston was unable to see the project completed as he passed away two years before the building was completed.

He said that he was humbled to see the work and dedication it took to make the construction of the new church building come to fruition.

“Its amazing, its definitely something that I feel humbled by. I can get a window into the detailed work and planning it took to build the place,” Pastor Abbott said. “ I really realized the time and commitment the project took.”

He said that prior to moving into the new building, the congregation had to host sermons out of a rented space.

Pastor Abbott said that in the time they were in a rented space their group had started to grow and that they felt the timing for the completion of the building was perfect.

“The congregation has grown,” Pastor Abbott said. “We were needing space to be comfortable and we were wanting to start to do more with our congregation.”

Now that the group has a new and larger building, Pastor Abbott said that they can start working towards scheduling more programs to benefit the community.

“Part of the plan is to have seminars regarding physical health and other subjects like diabetes and addiction,” Pastor Abbott said. “We will also provide youth activities and ministries, community service. We are researching to see what that looks like.”

Pastor Abbott concluded by saying that he wants the church to feel like a community center and that everyone is welcome.

“We want to provide a place where people feel safe,” Pastor Abbott said. “We want it to be a community center as much as it is a church and be a place to strive and be yourself.”

The Living Hope Adventist Church congregation is part of the Seventh Day Adventist church denomination. They invite the public to join them at one of their upcoming services.

The Living Hope Adventist Church has sermons each Saturday starting with Sabbath School at 10 a.m and worship service at 11:45 a.m.

The new building is located at the corner of Cedar and 7th Street in Plummer Idaho.

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