A pair of accidents struck the roadways near St. Maries in the first week of February.

One accident occurred on State 5 near the train trestle and the other on a narrow stretch of roadway along State 3. While the driver of one of the accidents sustained head injuries, there were no fatalities reported at either event.

According to the Benewah County Sheriff’s Office, the first accident occurred over the night of Feb. 5. Sheriff Dave Resser said that a semi-truck with a tractor trailer was driving along a narrow stretch of State 3 north of the St. Maries Gun Club when the accident occurred.

While a definitive cause has not been determined, Sheriff Resser said he suspected the driver, 37-year-old David W. Fehr, lost control after driving partially off the road.

Deputies responded and found the Mr. Fehr awake and alert, sitting inside another vehicle as he recovered. He received blunt force injuries to his head, and was taken to Benewah Community Hospital for treatment and observation overnight.

Sheriff Resser said the semi-truck and trailer were left in place overnight due to adverse conditions.

“With the weather and darkness, we felt it better to leave it there until daylight and clearer weather,” he said.

Poor weather may have also played a part in an early morning pickup-versus-logging truck accident Feb. 6. Sheriff Resser said that collision happened at milepost 9 on State 3. The pickup was driven by Cory Spicer, age 27, while the logging truck was driven by owner-operator James Scott, age 47.

The accident is still under investigation, but Sheriff Resser said that early indications suggest poor road conditions caused one of the vehicles to lose control and crash into the other. Fortunately, reports indicate that both drivers escaped the accident without injury.

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