Archie’s IGA plans to use its 35 year anniversary as an opportunity to benefit the community.

Archie’s IGA is teaming up with the Lumberjack Booster Club for the next leg of fundraising for the high school sports complex project.

The Lumberjack Booster Club has spearheaded efforts to create a new complex located at the high school that will include a baseball and softball field, as well as a soccer field.

The new complex will allow for all of the high school’s athletic programs to be able to practice and play at one location. Other perks will be access to locker rooms and a larger parking area for spectators.

So far the first leg of the project is nearing completion as crews have erected fencing around the area and have started to put in the backing poles of both the baseball and softball fields.

Archie’s IGA plans to help the Booster Club with its next phase of fundraising by hosting a program that will allow customers to make donations to the project. Customers can choose to sponsor the program and if they do, their names and the amount they donated will be put on an axe shaped piece of paper that will go onto a wall in the store.

Archie’s IGA manager and Booster Club member, Brian McGregor, said the store plans to match every donation up to $10,000. He hopes their pledge will encourage other local businesses to get involved.

“The booster club has been working hard for the field for a long time,” McGregor said. “We wanted to do something big for our anniversary, so we thought this was a good way to give back to the community that’s been so supportive of us over the years.”

The program rolled out earlier this month and has so far garnered attention from customers. McGregor said the community can donate whatever dollar amount they want, but there is a minimum of $5 to get an axe up on the wall.

“The community seems excited and we’ve gotten positive comments on our Facebook,” McGregor said.

McGregor said it’s great to see the project start to take shape and to be able to help in its completion. He said the vision of the field has changed over the years after the Booster Club realized its potential.

“When we started out we first said ‘lets make it a green space, and put a couple park benches for kids to just sit and relax during lunch,’” he said. “As it evolved we said ‘gosh we can fit a baseball field and softball field and a soccer field, and have it all at the school.’”

“The community seems excited and we’ve gotten positive comments on our Facebook,” McGregor said. “I want to see St. Maries grow and see the young people have those opportunities and have the facilities they need.”

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