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Plummer City Council Member Ashley Lounsbury was elected District 1 Director of the Association of Idaho Cities. She hopes to use her position to focus more attention on the needs of small cities.

Plummer City Council member Ashley Lounsbury was elected to serve as District 1 Director of the Association of Idaho Cities.

The Association of Idaho Cities formed in 1947 as a nonpartisan, nonprofit corporation, to influence policy and provide education, training and technical assistance to elected city officials and staff, according to a press release.

As a director Ms. Lounsbury will provide oversight of AIC activities.

“… we also help advocate upcoming bills to congress and as the board of directors we vote on bills that we want to support, oppose or remain neutral,” she said.

Ms. Lounsbury hopes to draw more focus on small cities.

“I believe this will enhance my ability to serve Plummer and District 1 as I will have the ability to bring the needs of small cities into focus for the AIC,” Ms. Lounsbury said.

District 1 includes Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties.

The AIC has committees to oversee various challenges faced by municipal governments. Ms. Lounsbury hopes to draw attention to drug abuse in local communities.

“AIC has different committees and I am actually interested in joining the drug task force committee. Drug abuse is something our communities are struggling with and I am hoping to be part of a solution,” she said.

AIC directors are elected by members of the association during its annual conference.

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