Place your bids for surplus school items in the District 41 surplus auction through Aug. 7.

The district published a list of items included in their yearly surplus auction. The event allows the district to sell items which have been in storage for a prolonged period of time, and have been found to have no use to the district.

Among the items to be sold are a number of vehicles, including three school buses and a Chevrolet van, as well as miscellaneous spare parts, wheels and tires for the same, sold in miscellaneous lots. The auction also includes a lot of scrap steel, chairs and desks no longer used by the district, and other common items.

Several unusual items from the district’s long-term storage are also set for sale. One such item on the list is a 10’ by 30’ building located on 13th Street in St. Maries. The building is to be removed by the bidder, which is the responsibility of the bidder and performed at their expense. Other unusual items include a piano, 35mm projector with four reels of film, boxes of stored voting booths and more.

Sealed bids for the auction will be accepted in writing by mail to Karen Robinson at St. Maries Joint School District 41, 240 S. 11th Street, St. Maries, Idaho. All bids must be submitted on or before Wednesday, Aug. 7 at 2 p.m., at which time they will be opened and tabulated.

Submissions must include the bidder’s name, address, telephone number and a description of the goods being bid on, including the lot number. Envelopes must be marked with the word “BID” on the outside. Bids are time-stamped on receipt. In the event of a tie bid, the lot will go to the bid which was received first. Winning bids will be announced and awarded at the Board of Trustees’ regular meeting Aug. 12.

A full list of items up for bid is published in the July 24 edition of the Gazette Record, and is available at the district office. Items will be available for viewing Monday, Aug. 5 at the district’s Maintenance Office near Heyburn Elementary. For more information, contact the district office at 208-245-2579.

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