St. Paul's continues Haiti support

Maggie Nichols stands with a few of the Christmas bags she and other volunteers with the Lutheran Church put together for students in the village of Hope in Haiti. The bags will be filled with goodies and care items by volunteers in Florida before being shipped to Haiti.

Members of the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church are doing what they can to support the village of Hope in Haiti despite the many obstacles this year.

Maggie Nichols has spearheaded the effort to still support school children in Haiti. In past years, missionary groups have been sent to the village of Hope to help in person.

Due to unrest in the region and the impact from the coronavirus, the church has not been able to send missionaries to the area for the past year. Ms. Nichols said that instead she and a group of volunteers at the church have started to sew Christmas care bags for the children and teachers in the village.

So far they have been able to put together around 300 bags and they plan to continue to sew the bags into next year as well.

“Our community here is so amazing and we wanted to let them know how grateful we are that they are so supportive of us,” Ms. Nichols said. “We wanted the community to know what we are doing to help the village of Hope in Haiti this year.”

She said that the bags will be sent to Florida where volunteers will fill the bags with goodies for school children of all ages. School children will receive food along with other goodies like toys and gift cards.

Ms. Nichols said that the school children and staff will be able to use the bags during the year as well.

“A lot of those kids don’t have access to bags and usually have a long ways to walk to school,” Ms. Nichols said. “We made some for the faculty to use as well. They will hopefully work well for the students and we have a variety of fabrics that we used that hopefully kids, both boys and girls, will be happy to carry with them.”

Ms. Nichols said that she has been dedicated to the continued support of the village of Hope after visiting the area herself a few years ago.

She said that she hopes to continue to find ways to support the people in Haiti and that she also hopes to visit and help face-to-face again in the future.

The Lutheran Church is open to anyone in the community who wants to assist with the Haiti project. Ms. Nichols said that community members can always donate fabric, their time, or even some money to help fund their efforts.

Those interested in helping their cause can contact the Lutheran Church at 208-245-5420 or reach out to Pastoral Assistant, Mary Davidson, at with any further questions on how to donate.

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