Grab n'Go planned for Plummer

This week is Idaho Family Reading Week at local libraries. The Plummer library will hand out activity bags to patrons this week with items that encourage parents to read and play with their children. Plummer Library Director Paulina Freeburg invited her family to get some bags of their own. Pictured left to right: Sarah, Alexio, Angelo, Tim, Mariano and Paulina Freeburg.

Local libraries are giving local children and their families an opportunity to play games and read together during Idaho Family Reading Week.

This year’s theme for Idaho Family Reading week is “Fun and Games” and the program is encouraging parents and their children to spend some time together, whether it's reading a book or playing a board game together.

Plummer Library Director, Paulina Freeburg, said Idaho Family Reading Week will be different than usual due to restrictions from COVID-19.

She said that usually the library will invite parents and their children to activities throughout the week with a pizza night to finish off the program.

Ms. Freeburg said that this year the library has put together grab and go bags for their patrons. The bags feature some different activities that the whole family can enjoy.

The bags will feature a book, a board game, a craft, a Winter Reading Challenge Bingo card, and more.

“We wanted to have something to supplement the program and encourage parents to read to their children,” Ms. Freeburg said. “We also want to encourage families to do activities together.”

She said that the bags will be first-come, first-served and that there will be a somewhat limited supply of the activity bags.

Families can stop by the library this week to grab one of the bags or they can call the library in advance and request curb side pick-up.

Ms. Freeburg said that the library has received good support during the COVID-19 pandemic and that a lot of patrons still visit. She said that she is glad to be able to have the reading week program still active and that the library hasn’t had to close like other libraries.

“We are fortunate that we are open because a lot of libraries have had to close,” Ms. Freeburg said. “We are more seeing more people coming through, in fact it surprises me sometimes.”

The Plummer Library will host Family Reading Week from November 15 to November 21. For more information contact the library at 208-686-1812.

The St. Maries Public Library will also celebrate Idaho Family Reading Week utilizing grab and go bags featuring crafts. There will also be special guests visiting the library each day.

The St. Maries Library will also recommend a different book for families to read together each day. Wednesday (today) the library will have the Volunteers of the Library be guest speakers at the library.

Residents can visit the library’s Facebook page to see a live-stream of the guest speakers each day during virtual story time.

The St. Maries Library will have Idaho Family Reading Week from November 16 to November 19.

For more information contact the St. Maries Library at 208-245-3732.

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