A new realty business is ready to get hopeful home buyers into the place of their dreams.

Broker Linda Weinmann and Realtor Jeri Gee have joined forces to open St. Joe River Realty. Weinmann and Gee have more than 33 years of real estate experience combined.

Their new office is located at 315 College Ave in the the same building as Suntan Etc, which just so happens to be a business that Weinmann started decades ago. She said having her real estate office next door is like having her journey in entrepreneurship come full circle.

“It is really ironic the business I started some 47 years ago is actually next door to me. I put the first hair salon in Fernwood and also was in Santa before starting in St. Maries, so you can see crossing new bridges is just who I am,” Weinmann said. “So creating a new Brokerage is a bridge that was built for me to cross, but let me tell you I have many folks to thank for helping along the way.”

Weinmann got her start in real estate working for Larry Bentcik at St. Maries Realty in 2010 and in 2015 started work at Four Seasons Realty. The start of St. Joe River Realty comes after Four Seasons and St. Maries Realty merged earlier this summer.

“I didn’t really know what I was in for. You learn legal descriptions forward and backwards and then over again,” Weinmann said. “I owe Valerie Darrar, Debbie Stogsdill, Mike Reinhardt, Pam Shawver, Nancy and Floyd Turner and all the other agents along the way for the past 12 years a huge thank you.”

Weinmann has also served as the St. Maries Chamber of Commerce president and Gee has also previously served on the Chamber. Weinmann said that experience has helped them connect even more with the St. Maries Community.

“We both know this community pretty well,” Weinmann said. “Life has been hard for many families trying to make it in Idaho. I find it rewarding to help each generation to find the stepping stones they need and help them cross the bridge to new adventures.”

So far Weinmann said business has been good. Since July the office has received around 12 listings with a handful of closings.

For more information call St. Joe River Realty at 208-582-2560 or visit https://northwest-national.com/idaho/st-maries/.

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