Assessments underway

Benewah County Assessors Leann Phillips (left), Angela Zimmerman and Karen Hammons have begun inspecting properties in St. Maries for tax purposes. The three assessors collect data in the county throughout the year, then give their data to Benewah County Assessor Donna Spier to determine property valuations.

Benewah County appraisers will soon begin assessing local property values as they prepare to calculate next year’s taxes.

The Benewah County Assessor’s Office will start inspecting local properties starting in mid-July as part of their annual appraisal process. The process is part of the county’s method for valuation of properties, which can affect property taxes in the next year.

The appraisal process will start with properties on the western side of the county and move to other areas as the year progresses. Inspections will include observation and photos of the exteriors of structures.

Appraisers will seek to inspect residents’ properties with minimal intrusion, and will not enter private property without prior consent from the owner.

“We respect people’s privacy, and will not go through locked gates or onto property which is posted ‘no trespassing’ without permission,” Benewah County Assessor Donna Spier said. “Property may be observed only briefly from the road if there are no apparent changes. Our vehicles are marked, and appraisers wear ID so that they are easily identified.”

Due to programming changes, the assessor’s office will not send individual notices of inspections. For this reason, residents are encouraged to contact appraisers with any questions or to report any new or altered structures on their properties. If appraisers are not able to see new structures, it may result in a valuation based on inaccurate data.

For more information, or to report any issues, contact the Benewah County Assessor’s Office at 208-245-2821.

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