Those eyeing to play a few games of bingo for the chance to win poultry should visit the Elks Lodge this weekend.

Turkey Bingo will return this Saturday after a year-long hiatus. The annual games have been a lodge staple for more than two decades.

Turkey Bingo is also a popular event that kicks off the holidays. Community members who come to the event may walk away with their Thanksgiving dinner in hand.  

Not only that, but the event also helps to support the lodge’s efforts to support local children. 

The games have historically generated more than $5,000 each year for the Elks Lodge’s Christmas Basket program. The Christmas Basket program provides more than 300 meals and gifts to area families each year.

Lodge manager, Stacey Bayless, said she and other lodge members are excited to be able to return to tradition and they expect another packed event. She said the event has boasted a turnout of more than 200 people in past years.

“We are back! We didn’t get to have this last year, which made everyone super sad,” Bayless said. “It’s the social event of the year, people come and see friends and family and it’s a lot of fun.”

She said this will be the second year the lodge will use tokens for the games instead of handling money at each table. She said this will make the event run more smooth and makes it cleaner for those worried about COVID.

Those who play and call bingo will get one of the 60 turkeys the lodge has acquired. Bayless said if two people call bingo at once they will play a hand of cards for it with the winner taking the turkey and the loser getting a whole chicken.

There will also be food and refreshments at the event. Lodge member Marlene Krebs and her kitchen crew will be serving up homemade chili, pepper bellies, hamburgers and hot dogs.

The kitchen is also seeking dessert donations as well. Anyone interested in volunteering with the event can inquire with the lodge prior to Saturday.

The Elks Lodge Turkey Bingo will be from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, November 20.

For more information on the event call the lodge at 208-245-1418.

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