Aqua Park Barrier Rocks

Barrier rocks at Aqua Park posed a potential hazard to drivers. Seen here: This reporter's pickup parked on one of the rocks, well shy of the curb. City Supervisor Mark Reynolds moved the rocks behind the parking curbs.

Rocks placed in the Aqua Park lot to block vehicles from entering picnic areas will be moved back.

While on the hunt for invasive seaweed, this reporter found that the barrier rocks were placed a little too close to the parking curbs of the Aqua Park picnic area.

“People used to drive up and down on the levies and park next to the picnic tables to get music closer, things like that,” City Supervisor Mark Reynolds said. “Since we did the rocks, we haven’t had too much of an issue.”

Under Potlatch ownership, now PotlatchDeltic, the picnic area at Aqua Park was separated from the parking lot by a cedar fence. Over time the cedar fence deteriorated, and the city opted to use rocks instead of replacing the fence.

The city made a land trade with Potlatch in 2006 to acquire Aqua Park.

The rocks have proven to be an effective traffic barrier. However, at least one rock, i.e. the one this reporter parked on, was placed forward of the curb.

Sparing this reporter insult to injury, and any references to The Men Who Stare at Goats, Mr. Reynolds graciously conceded that the rocks could be further back.

“They are, in my opinion, too close. If you put your tires up to the curb you could hit them,” Mr. Reynolds said.

Mr. Reynolds said he would put in a work order and have the barrier rocks placed further back.

“I’ll get the back-hoe and move them back,” he said.

Moving the rocks will spare the city from potential liability as a result of vehicles hitting the misplaced barriers.

Fortunately, for this reporter, the often-maligned plastic bumper has some advantages—the plastic mold quickly returned to factory form on the 95 degrees Fahrenheit day.

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