The Rose Lake Reunion and community Picnic was attended by many classmates. The weather was slightly overcast, making it comfortable to sit outside and visit.

There were a lot of nice donations for the raffle. This is a list of the raffle winners:

Earl Andersen, Camp out dishes; Pat Behnke, Rose Lake Souvenirs, Cut Cookie basket, Day at the beach basket; Linda Dailey, Stepping Stone, Money Jar, Coffee Basket; Allen Fulton, Taste of Italy basket; Kim Kraack, Sunny Side Up basket; Rick Kraack, Poolside, Watermelon basket; Steve Kraack, Year of the Rooster book, Kitchen Basket w/colander; Sue Kraack, Lights, Camera, Action basket; Donna Layton, Lemonade Squeeze basket, It’s a Boy basket; Lola Mathis, Kitchen Duty, Hand made greeting cards, Hand embroidered dishtowels, High Tea basket; Betty Mercado, Microwaveable Body Wrap, Medimont Book, Avon Calling basket, Dish Clothes/scrubbies/soap; Ben and Monica, Cup cake basket, Cookieman cookies; Corkscrew, It’s A Girl Basket; Roy Mortenson, On the Road bag; Brenda Munjar, Idaho plaque, Creeper; Sally Nordstrom, Life’s a Beach basket; Marjie Peterson, Huffy Bicycle; Mary Rainio, Contigo Travel Mug, Ice Cream Sundae basket; Dave Robinson, Iced Tea basket, Bath time pictures, Cat Basket; Macy Robinson, Good to the Last Drop basket, Canister of candy; Susie Rodgers, Book Club plaque, Avery bird house; Sandy Schlepp, North to Alaska Ulu and cutting board; Sheryl Snyder, For the Birds; Jim Taylor, Kitchen colander; Peggy Timmins, Scarves, Dog basket, Garden Basket, Tis the Season bag, 2 Kids activity bags, Smart Cookie; Trieste, Movie Night Basket; Avery Bird House, Table Topper by Mary McDonald, Watch; C. Wenstrom, Man Crate, Travel’n Man; Jess White, canisters, Coffee Basket; Bill White, Pamper me bag; Gay Wilson, candle.

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